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ISO Certifications

As a responsible company, we base our activities on internationally recognized standards. Whether in terms of quality, safety or the environment, the certifications we have obtained are proof of our professionalism and commitment. Not only do they offer guarantees to partners, customers and suppliers, they also facilitate the implementation of best practices within the company.
ISO 9001
In 2002, following a particularly difficult economic period for our Group, we decided to strengthen our structures by implementing the ISO 9001 standard.
This enabled us to streamline our working methods, while reinforcing our customers' confidence in our Group's ability to provide them with the level of service they expect in an increasingly demanding world.
22 years on, we are more committed than ever to this structuring approach to our business.
ISO 14001
The arrival of our new Chartres site in 2022 has given us the opportunity to consider the implementation of this environmental standard, which is essential to the successful integration of environmental constraints into our activities.
Although this was already a matter of course for us at our previous site in Gennevilliers, the construction of this new site has given us the opportunity to put in place, right from the start, a number of principles enabling the natural integration of this standard into our processes.
ISO 26000 initiative
With the support of the Centre Val de Loire region in France and the assistance of the AFNOR Group, at the end of 2022 we embarked on a CSR program aimed at obtaining the "Committed to CSR" label for our company.
This label will enable us to formalize the steps we have been taking for many years.
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