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Mexialoe Labs

Riken Vitamin
Producer of Aloe Vera
For over 30 years, Mexi Aloe Laboratorios has been offering freeze-dried Aloe Vera gels and powders whose high quality and stability, due to the particular climate of the region where they are grown (Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico), is widely recognized in the cosmetics and food industries. 
For many years now, Mexi Aloe Laboratorios has been committed to a strong CSR approach, with the primary aim of promoting the hard work of the communities who cultivate the aloe vera they produce.
From the outset, the founder of Mexi Aloe laboratorios understood that respect for people and their environment was a sine qua non for the commercial success of his products.
Surrounded by a high-performance technical team, Mexi Aloe Laboratorios is able to supply one of the purest and most effective Aloe Vera products on the market.
A member of the UEBT, their community outreach has grown steadily in recent years, enabling major international players to join this community effort.
We joined the Mexi Aloe Laboratorios adventure in 1995, and are proud today to be able to contribute to the promotion of this know-how among our customers.
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