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A range of high-quality specialty chemical
Nouryon Expancel :
Nouryon Expancel, formerly part of the Specialty Chemicals division of the Akzo Nobel group, offers a wide range of thermoplastic microspheres in powder form, expanded or unexpanded, as well as in various forms of preparation (slurries, masterbatches).

Expancel Microspheres are used in a wide variety of industries, to which they bring unprecedented properties, including lightness, impact resistance, sound or heat insulation, material resilience, and more.
In addition to the innovative properties they bring to the materials into which Expancel microspheres are introduced, Expancel microspheres also help to reduce the ecological impact of final products by significantly reducing their density. This unique advantage makes it possible to reduce the raw material requirements of a formulation without any reduction in performance, as well as making substantial savings in the transportation of finished products.
We have distributed the Expancel range exclusively in France since 1991.

Nouryon Levasil :
A former branch of the Akzo Nobel Group, taken over by Nouryon in 2018, the Levasil unit based in Germany, specializes in the development of aqueous solutions of colloidal silicas designed to improve the surface properties of various materials enabling, in particular, a longer life for finished products.
Building on our excellent commercial links for the Expancel ranges, the Nouryon Group
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