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About us

70 years of passion and commitment to industry!
For almost 70 years, our family-owned Group has gradually focused on the distribution of specialty raw materials.
Initially focused on animal feed, the creation of the Common Market and the meteoric evolution of industry and its new needs enabled our company to set up industrial partnerships focused on innovation and meeting the ever-increasing demands of industries such as paints, inks, textiles, plastics, paper and composites.
In the mid-80s, the fast-growing cosmetics industry, with its focus on luxury products, gave us the opportunity to develop our own skills, based on technical and regulatory developments dictated by European and international bodies.
This has enabled us to support some of our major customers in their rapid expansion into Europe and North America.
In 2001, we set up our own laboratory to consolidate our knowledge of the raw materials we offer. We have gradually strengthened this laboratory, and at the same time set up a Regulatory Department to provide our customers with the best possible support in their research work.
The rapid evolution of European regulations has also given us the opportunity to develop an efficient regulatory department.
Our teams are at your service to provide the highest level of service.
Our aim is to contribute, alongside you, to the development of a high-performance, sustainable industry that is increasingly respectful of people and the environment.
Nicolas Rossow

How we work

  • Seek out and establish partnerships with producers of specialty ingredients capable of providing innovation and reliability.
  • Promote and market our products to the manufacturers, providing them with the most effective technical, regulatory and logistical support.
  • Adopt a global customer approach, coordinating our efforts with multi-site groups, while remaining attentive to the more specific needs of more local companies.
  • Facilitate communication between our partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Act with discernment in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as rules of confidentiality and ethics.
  • To preserve human values, an integral part of the capital of our family-owned group.

Our strengths

  • Motivated, competent teams, attentive to the different needs of our customers and the market.
  • A raw materials characterization laboratory to ensure the reliability of our knowledge of the ingredients we offer, and our constant ability to meet the technical expectations of our customers and suppliers.
  • An integrated regulatory department to ensure full compliance of ingredients with European and international regulatory requirements.
  • An experienced logistics department for reliable deliveries at optimized costs.

REACH compliance and other international regulations

All products marketed by the Rossow Group comply with REACH requirements. Customers will be informed in advance of any tests on products not scheduled for registration.
A list of products meeting the requirements of various international regulations (USA, China, Australia, Canada, etc.) is available on request from our sales teams or our regulatory department at the following address:
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Ressources to formulate your future

For more information about our products and services, please call us on +33 (0) 9 70 80 87 87 or fill in the questionnaire by following this link

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